DIY Kits For Dodge Pro Master High Roof: 159″

Recreational Van Designs’ first in-house design for interior and exterior kits. Our interior kits are designed for both the Do-it-yourselfer and for those that prefer we handle the install. Recreational Van Designs kits are the complete package!

Dodge Pro Master 159” high-roof- RVD’s DIY kit offers the complete interior package

  • Flooring and sub-flooring
  • Ceiling back-drop and wood planks
  • Side-walls
  • Cabinetry and hardware
  • Galley- includes stainless steel sink, faucet, stainless steel refrigerator, drawers and storage compartments.
  • Garage or camp drawers
  • Finished or un-finished (paint)
  • DIY or installed options are available