Dodge Pro Master High Roof 4×2: 159”

Get There In Style & Comfort!

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Exterior Features

  • Recreational Van Designs vans are all custom painted in-house with our proprietary blend of Kevlar-based bedliner colors giving it a textured, matte finish
  • 5x Journey Black Rhino wheels (5th wheel mounted on rear door), LT245/70R17/10-Toyo, Open Country A/T III tires
  • MaxxFan Plus Model 4500k with remote opening

Interior Features (interior design) by Recreational Van Designs

  • Driver side rear 3-bay cabinet
  • Passenger side rear 4-bay cabinet
  • Galley upper 2-bay cabinet
  • Kitchen/Galley lower cabinet
    • Walnut base with butcher block countertop.
    • Stainless steel deep sink
    • Side doors for plumbing and storage
    • Single drawer for utility storage
    • Isotherm Drawer65 refrigerator/freezer- slide out drawer
  • Platform bed system
    • Frontside 4 drawer system (2 large, 2 small)
    • Wheel well cabinet storage (driver and passenger side)
    • Rear Drawer (2) deep storage for camping gear
    • Platform bed mount
  • Walnut ceiling slats
  • Walnut wall panels